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Kathryn Adamson was born in Brisbane, Australia, and raised in the North East of Scotland. Her work is rooted in a delight of colour and her early years spent in the sunshine surrounded by the vibrant tones of her homeland, inspire and influence her work to this day. In 2005 Kathryn graduated with a first class degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing, with Drawing and Painting, at Edinburgh College of Art.

The paintings Kathryn creates are inspired by the line, shape and texture of organic forms, but particularly flowers. This subject matter allows her to experiment with a wide range of vibrant colours and textures which are meant to both excite and inspire. Her hope is that when people view her work, they get a real sense of the fun that she has had while playing, experimenting and creating with colour.

Kathryn tends to work quickly and intuitively, combining a range of media in her paintings. The combination of acrylic, wax pastel, pencil and gold leaf are used to create a rich and interesting surface texture, while the process of building up layers of pastel and then scratching through those layers to reveal the paint below, creates depth.

Kathryn currently lives in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where she works from her home and her studio in Coburg House, Leith.