garry brander - original paintings

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Garry Brander graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2011 and has since built up a large following and appreciation of his work. Ever fascinated by buildings - be they sheds, huts or cottages - he paints them in innovative and striking ways. His latest subject is the ubiquitous highland/island cottage, set against a background of clear blue sky with a calm ripple of cloud, a scene which is both biographical and imaginative. Having grown up on Tiree and spent time visiting other islands more recently, the quiet and stillness of the islands are a clear influence on Garry.

Although the island house as a subject is a favourite of artists, both historical and contemporary, Brander renders it anew, providing the viewer with a symbol through which to access solace and solitude. Like the island house that stands alone, in Brander's painting we find the time to contemplate and simply be, something of the feeling one gets on the islands when surrounded only by sky, land and sea.