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Born in Pontypool, Gareth studied fine art in Exeter and lived in Devon for 20 years before moving to East Anglia in 2003, where he now lives and works. Prior to leaving full-time employment to focus on painting he worked in conservation, preserving ceramics, wall-paintings, mosaics, plaster-work and timber in ancient and historic buildings in the UK and Europe, such as the Palace of Westminster, Hampton Court, British Embassy Prague, Berkeley Castle and St. David’s and Winchester Cathedrals. Gareth was elected as a full Member to the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) in October 2016.

Gareth's work explores motifs, often quite transient in their nature, that capture the beauty and complexity to be found in the colour, textural and sculptural qualities of materials found in Scottish and mediterranean coastal environments, highlands and mountain riverbeds. The unconventional subject material is interpreted on a large scale and with unusual perspective, result in original and modern images, produced by traditional techniques. Some pieces bring an abstract quality to the final image, portraying a subject in close focus and out of context. The works are representational but close consideration will show that they have been produced in a painterly manner. Each work may take several months to complete and he is constantly searching for new sources of inspiration.