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B. Perth, Scotland 1977. Self-taught although coming from a family of artists, Lucy’s work has evolved constantly over the years of her 16-year career as she constantly seeks the most authentic expression of her artist voice whilst also developing her style technically.

In the past year her practice centered on experiencing a more visceral, immediate relationship with her paintings, their subjects and the medium she uses to create them. Her working approach has shifted from more carefully considered, verging on the perfectionist to a looser, freer, bolder strategy, using a combination of graphite/charcoal, aquarelle pencil, ink and acrylic paint, applied with palette knife and broad brushstrokes. Each painting thus feels more experimental, more like a dance between the artist’s imagination, her willingness to take risks and the embracing/exploitation of the unpredictable and random effects that come about.

Lucy’s inspiration continues to come from nature, symbolism, and the psychological complexities of the human experience. Although her work is deeply personal it manages to tap into universal themes, such as, in the case of her most recent works, the longing to experience freedom, and the mystery of surrendering completely to a moment of enchantment.