stephen carruthers

new paintings
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Born in Glasgow, Stephen has lived and worked in the city all his life. After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in drawing and painting he maintained a close relationship with many of his tutors and fellow graduates, and on establishing a small creative manufacturing business it quickly expanded due to their encouragement and support . It was over twenty years later that he returned to full-time painting.

Stephen has received a number of awards from various professional organisations including The Scottish Arts Club, The Paisley Art Institute, and the Royal Glasgow Institute. He is a past president of Visual Arts Scotland.

A recent retrospective exhibition in Glasgow showing works spanning over thirty years allowed the viewer a revealing insight, not only into his journey as a painter but also the process involved. His painterly technique runs in parallel to his subject, evolving through a period of incubation to one of growth and finally to completion. They are always positive, constructive, expansive, and above all balanced. Most of all his paintings leave a lasting impression that his creative process is a wonderful visual experience to enjoy and engage with.