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Although based in Edinburgh, Helen Fryer draws her inspiration from the mountains and coastline of the rugged west coast of Scotland. She has walked up all of the Munros (mountains over 3000ft) in Scotland, and in the summer is regularly to be found seeking out remote corners of the Scottish coastline in her small yacht. Her paintings are a collection of memories which draw on the countless hours she has spent in the vast and varied landscapes of Scottish wilderness, they aim to capture the interplay between Scotland's stunning landscape and the endlessly changing weather systems passing through it. Helen concentrates on producing land and sea scapes using varied media, but mainly chalk pastels and acrylics. Leaving Cumbria aged 18, to study at the University of Manchester, Helen was to eventually settle in Edinburgh, where she now splits her time between with the Isle of Skye, looking to “get out of the city” as often as possible. With family ties remaining in West Cumbria, Helen also spends much time in and around the areas she grew up in, and uses much of this time as inspiration for her work. It was in 1998 that Helen’s passion for painting took an even stronger hold and she began to widen her approach to what she was doing. As Helen herself points out “I started to play around with materials, giving up with watercolours and experimenting with chalk pastel, acrylic paint and more recently acrylic inks. I found that I was using brushes less and less, increasingly using my hands to dab, push and smooth out colour. Old credit cards, kitchen towels, crochet hooks and hairdryers all play a part in my painting. Painting is often messy with a random energy, letting the paint do its own thing and then working with the shapes it gives me.”