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Born in a small seaside village in Galloway, Scotland. I am a graduate of Glasgow School of Art. I am a full time painter, exhibiting in select galleries across Scotland and in London. I have exhibited with the RSW at the Royal Scottish Academy, Flora Scotia at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, The Society of Women Artists, Mall Gallery London, and The Society of Botanical Artists, London.

Returning to rural Scotland after a long absence, my creative arena is the exquisite natural beauty of the Scottish Border’s countryside, where I now live. The changing seasons, the colours of the landscape, natural forms, the light and the mood and memory they evoke provide endless inspiration.
My preoccupation is with the importance and fragility of the eco-systems which guard our future.

My subjects are the wild places, often verges and hedgerow. My attention is drawn, not so much to the “grand vista” but to the often overlooked flora and fauna, which thrive by our roadsides and field margins.