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Alan mainly paints in oil and acrylic and produces a vast range of pictures such as Scottish landscapes, seascapes, fishing, shooting and hunting scenes, African scenes of lions, zebra and elephants, and American scenes of bald eagles, Florida everglades etc.

Alan has become the artist known today through his own study and knowledge of the landscape and wildlife. He is generally shy when asked about his technique and styles, for they differ with the different mediums he uses. Viewers of Alan's work are genuinely impressed when they realise that the paintings, limited edition prints and sculptures are the work of one artist. Painting is his life and if anything is certain about Alan Hayman, it is that he was born to paint. He was born in Montrose and spent his early childhood around Montrose Basin and began studying and drawing the varied bird life around the basin from an early age when most of his peers were still playing with building blocks.