ludmilla kosimina - ceramics

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I design and create one-off ceramic sculptures of people, - some with humorous qualities, all of which capture the observed essence of human behaviour. They depict an extensive selection of mannerism and characters. Each piece is hand made. The pieces are made using Earthstone crank clay, glazed and fired in electric kiln to 1250 ºC.
All pieces are unique in both form and personality.

Inspiration stems from observing people around me - during everyday life, during holidays, concerts, meetings, and during travel. I am not a full-time artist. I work full time as a Technical Consultant for a company called the Building Research Establishment. During weekends I am a full-time artist and I love my busy weekends because I really enjoy making ceramic sculpture. Hopefully this pleasure will be conveyed to the collector who will have many years of joy from their pieces.

I am a member of the Scottish potters Association and Glasgow Society of Women Artists.