neil macdonald - original paintings

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Neil MacDonald PAI RGI studied at Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a BA Hons in 1979 before carrying on to complete Post Graduate studies in 1980. Neil has taught throughout his career and most recently has organised and taught painting holidays in Spain, France, Italy and Scotland. He has exhibited widely in both solo and mixed exhibitions and in 2012, Neil received the diploma of PAI.

He says of his work:

'I am drawn to locations which exert historic and mythic presence. I explore the lyrical narrative of natural sites and strong bold shapes of castles, old townships and harbours. I do this through distortion of perspective, invention and editing, aiming to capture an essence of the structure or place. Colour is used in an emotive way to heighten the sense of mood.I apply each layer upon layer of paint in a divisionist manner. Slowly I realise a unity of statement as the image emerges, revealing the subject’s unique sense of place'.