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Maryann graduated from Manchester in 1985 with a dgree in printed textile design. She freelanced for 10 years, selling designs for interior fabrics to companies such as John Lewis, Colorall and Next; she designed a set of rugs that were sold at Liberty's and travelled to New York and Paris exhibiting her work. After becoming increasingly interested in painting she made the transition by the late 90s and has been painting in oils ever since.

The themes that always interested her in her design work still feature strongly in her paintings and are still developing. The use of colour to create a mood or vibrancy is a constant source of excitement, and this combined with pattern and texture in the right proportions complete the image. Pattern has developed into loose brush strokes and marks, the intensity and combination of which hold huge importance to the final painting. Every mark on the canvas is vital in communicating what is being seen at that moment in time, and landscapes and still lives are the tools used to illustrate her ideas.