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Raquel Alvarez Sardina was born in Barcelona. At the age of seventeen she joined Academia Leonardo da Vinci and in 1986 she started a Fine Art Degree. Whilst doing the degree sheattended Academia Sant Vicenç and Boter/Santalo and completed a drawing course at Academia
Lorenzo de Medici in Florence. After graduating in 1991 she came to England where she studied a Masters Degree at Cardiff University.

Drawing influence from the Master painters of the Spanish Tenebrism of the Barroque period she has developed a personal contemporary stile to represent beauty. Her painting method is slow, precise and full of feeling. It is as though she wants us to slow down and contemplate a few simple objects in silence. She spends a considerable amount of time setting the composition; each fruit or object is placed carefully in the space. Sketching is useful to decide, sometimes by a matter of millimetres where every fruit or leave should be. When she is happy with the composition she draws directly onto the canvas with a brush.

She finds painting fruit in the tree or still attached to the branch to be the most satisfying. ‘I love to paint the intricate shapes of the leaves against the roundness of the fruit. I enjoy the complexity of the subject, with the leaves creating unusual perspectives, spaces and light in between them’. Raquel works in a studio in her garden, half of the studio is painted dark grey, a colour that is neutral and absorbs light. This creates the best environment for chiaroscuro style of painting. The other half is painted a lighter colour, better suited to lighter paintings. She positions fruit next to the window to make the most of the light and create a strong contrast. Sunny days are better for contrast and warm light.

June 2016 she was elected Member of the Society of Women Artists, HRH Princess Michael of Kent presented her with The President and Vice President's Choice Award for the Best Work of Art in the Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.

Her work has been exhibited in Spain, England and the United States. Living and working in the Cotswolds her work is on show at Arcadia Contemporary in Los Angeles, United States and is represented by Paragon Gallery in Cheltenham, the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle, Concept Gallery in Glasgow and The Morningside Gallery in Edinburgh.