wanda sowry

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I started making wooden automata in my final year at University, while studying a craft and design in 1998. My automata designs are quite simple and light-hearted. I never paint or varnish the wood. I like to use the different colours of natural wood. I make a mix of pieces for various craft and automata exhibitions around the UK as well as commissioned pieces for birthdays and anniversaries.
I sometimes work from photos of individuals, their kitchens, workshops, offices or own items to make the details personal.

Most the wood I use is either reclaimed or off-cuts. Some small colourful pieces (purple heart and amarillo) given to me by wood turners can last me years. I used the purple heart for small details like wine bottles and glasses and the amarillo for egg yolks and drum kits symbols. I buy old mahogany shelves, maple and oak floor boards off cuts. I have a small and very messy workshop with a few hobby sized machines, a Dremel, belt sander and a lot of kebab sticks and PVA glue.