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After many years of living in Worcestershire, Nancy has returned to live in Stirling, close to her roots.
She paints Scottish landscapes in oils, quickly and instinctively using knives, brushes and rags, always trying to achieve a freshness and impression rather than an exact representation.
Her scientific background has given her a strong interest in the natural world.
‘I am inspired to paint by the observation of nature – by the changing seasons, soft greens, lilac clouds, lichen on shore rocks and reflections on a wet beach. I have always been fascinated by wild flowers - bluebells, cow parsley, red campion and wild iris often feature in my work. There must always be a reason for painting a particular landscape; something that sparks the imagination, something that only an artist’s eye would observe.’
Nancy has been exhibiting with Morningside Gallery for fourteen years. In addition to other galleries throughout the UK, she has also exhibited with RGI and PAI. In 2010, she was awarded the David Cargill Prize at the RGI.