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Robert J. Wyatt is an artist influenced by the work of the Renaissance painters, particularly that of the Flemish masters. Following a period of private study in classical drawing and painting technique Robert has gone on to develop contemporary approaches and themes in his work. Most of his paintings have a narrative; they are paintings “about” rather than simply “of” things.

Robert J. Wyatt is represented by several commercial galleries nationwide and has been
selected for exhibition by the Royal Institute of Oil Painters in London.

Most of Robert’s work begins with an idea rather than an object; the items in each still life are then gathered and composed to illustrate the original notion.

Initial sketches are completed to finalise the composition before a more detailed drawing from life is done. Wooden panel is used rather than canvas as the weave or “tooth” of canvas can interfere with more detailed work. Each panel is cut to size then primed with around eight coats of Gesso (a synthetic version of the rabbit skin glue used during the renaissance). This is done on both sides of the panel to prevent warping. The piece is then under painted to establish tonal changes and to provide a base for subsequent layers of paint. Some areas of the painting are completed using layers, or “glazes” of paint, each layer must be allowed to dry fully before further layers can be applied. A more direct approach may be used for certain areas of the painting to create the desired effect.