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Born in Pontypool, Gareth studied fine art in Exeter and lived in Devon for 20 years before moving to East Anglia in 2003, where he now lives and works. Prior to leaving full-time employment to focus on painting he worked in conservation, preserving ceramics, wall-paintings, mosaics, plaster-work and timber in ancient and historic buildings in the UK and Europe, such as the Palace of Westminster, Hampton Court, British Embassy Prague, Berkeley Castle and St. David&rsquo;s and Winchester Cathedrals. Gareth was elected as a full Member to the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) in October 2016.</p>
<p>Gareth's work explores motifs, often quite transient in their nature, that capture the beauty and complexity to be found in the colour, textural and sculptural qualities of materials found in Scottish and mediterranean coastal environments, highlands and mountain riverbeds. The unconventional subject material is interpreted on a large scale and with unusual perspective, result in original and modern images, produced by traditional techniques. Some pieces bring an abstract quality to the final image, portraying a subject in close focus and out of context. The works are representational but close consideration will show that they have been produced in a painterly manner. Each work may take several months to complete and he is constantly searching for new sources of inspiration.

Born in 1950 in Luków (Poland); lives and works in Lódz
He graduated from PWSSP-State College of Fine Arts (now known as ASP- Academy of Fine Arts).
In the period 1970-1975, he studied at the Department of Graphic Techniques in the studios of painting of prof. Roman Artymowski, prof. Teresa Pagowska, prof. Juliusz Narzynski, and the studios of applied graphics of prof. Boguslaw Balicki and prof. Stanislaw Labecki.
Between 1977 and 1990, he spent a lot of time abroad where he presented his works at individual and collective exhibitions in Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Oslo and Toronto.
In the years 1994-1997, he also exhibited his paintings, drawings and prints in his own gallery in Lódz. Karol Turski collaborates with many galleries at home and abroad.
Applying various techniques (oil, acrylics, watercolour and dry pastel), he creates painting cycles which usually form an integrated whole.

Philip Raskin studied at the Glasgow School of Art but did not complete the course due to his father’s untimely passing. After spending many years in business (mostly as proprietor of The Inn on the Green restaurant in Glasgow) he eventually squared the circle and returned full time to his easel and brushes in 2003.
His career quickly blossomed and he is a noted exponent of capturing both the light and the very essence of his native Scotland, exploiting the qualities of acrylic paint (the medium of his choice) to their fullest extent on a single canvas, depicting almost exclusively sea, land and skyscapes.
He does not fill his compositions with gable end cottages and telegraph poles but prefers to create an unencumbered space which each viewer will see differently to claim as his or her particular private place for solitude and reflection.
Philip has been fortunate to enjoy commercial success and his work can be found in high street galleries throughout the length and breadth of the UK as well as in art galleries on board P&O and Cunard.
He exhibits regularly at major art fairs in London, Edinburgh, Hong Kong and Singapore and has steadily accrued a growing band of followers and collectors.





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